Custom Kitchens Will Make Your Home's Kitchen Stand Out

Home is a private place, where you can do things without anybody's interference. At the same time, your home is a mirror of your personality. Therefore it is the one room on display the majority of the time. It is one of the most important rooms because this is where meals are made and served. A great deal of family bonding takes place over meal preparation. So it is always suggested that you spent adequate time when re-designing the custom kitchens. With custom kitchens you can enhance the look of your house.

Think about your home's kitchen. It might be the first place the kids go after school if they want a snack. It could be the place where you put all of your stuff after fist coming home from work so that you can take a few minutes to get settled. It serves all of these purposes adequately but, if you want to get the most out of it, then you'll want to design custom kitchens that you've ever seen before. There are different things that you can do to make the kitchen in your home a place that you, your family and your guests will be happy to be in.

The Power Tower is an in-bench full-service charging station with two USB ports and two standard Australian power outlets. When not in use the tower sits flush with your benchtop or desk, blending seamlessly with your living space. The power tower allows you to maintain the long clean lines of your splash back eliminating the need to cut in bulky and unsightly power sockets. It is an amazing addition to your kitchen. You can get these installed in your kitchen and avoid the hassle caused by your chargers and other wires.

With powerTower electrical pop up there is no longer any need to have exposed electrical sockets on the side of your kitchen island, as the powerTower pops out of your benchtop there are no tempting power points or electrical cords within easy reach of little hands. The installation of this electrical device is simple and you can either do it yourself or with the assistance of a Tradesman. If you are installing a powerTower as part of a new renovation to your kitchen, ask your Electrician to allow for a power point under the bench/ inside a cupboard.


These devices look absolutely wonderful and are seen to adorn the kitchen spaces of many homeowners. The powerTower pop up electrical outlet can also be installed into a completed kitchen providing you have a socket available under your bench top. It is quite common to already have power points available under your bench for Dishwashers, Microwave Oven etc. All you need to do is to ensure that they are properly built and have all of the characteristics that you want.

Remodel your kitchen to fit your personal tastes and you'll quickly see how a custom kitchen with a fresh design and brand new aesthetic can be a benefit as it creates a much more welcome and enjoyable space for all to enjoy. You can even add accessories like the powertower to enhance the look of your kitchen. The Powertower bench-top power solution that includes two power sockets and two USB ports for direct charging of phones, tablets, cameras, and other home electronics. It is designed specifically for in-home use.

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